2. September 2009

Noorderlicht Photography Festival

(Foto: zusammen mit seiner langjährigen Mitstreiterin Catherina Conrad)

A man comes into this world. And then?
While big events and great structures dominate the news, every day the individual enters into his small battles with life, yearning for happiness, recognition, or just a bit of satisfaction. In 'The Pursuit of Happiness' Noorderlicht curator Wim Melis puts eighty photographs by as many photographers next to one another, conjuring up an equivocal picture of the search for a place of one's own, one's own significance. These are the private news moments that never make the newspapers or magazines - the rare personal victories and the unavoidable defeats, the light and shadow of life. In this wry, sometimes tragicomic but always intriguing exhibition, the viewer is challenged to calculate the cost of happiness. (Curated by Wim Melis)

Start Time:
Sunday, 06 September 2009
End Time:
Saturday, 12 September 2009
Akerkhof 12


Frank Schmolke hat gesagt…

Ah,... nach Groningen, in den Akerkhof 12 habe ich es nicht geschafft. Trotzdem sehr schönes Foto!

Herr Gilke hat gesagt…

Geile Location, Alter