28. Januar 2010

Accumulating Value – 7 for the Price of 1

Performance series in Germany and Netherlands in 2010
by Messianic Research Centre for Visual Ethics & Johnny Amore

The tour is an allegory of a traditional trade journey, in which inland's commodities find their way to export ports in the coast.
Each performance will focus on a product on sale; the product will be given new meanings, and its value will be redefined.
Film director Lassi Markus King will be filming the performances and the mishaps of tour life.

During our performances we will sell previously obtained goods and buy new ones with the profits.
The project starts in Berlin when, at our first performance, we will sell a product brought from Finland. The profit of the sale price will be used to buy a product or products to be used in the following performance. At the end of each peformance, the value of the product will be realised and the earnings will be invested as profitably as possible.

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01/02/10 BERLIN - Zagreus Project (www.zagreus.net), Start:8 pm
04/02/10 LEIPZIG - K.U.B gallery (www.galeriekub.de), Start:8 pm
07/02/10 FRANKURT- Gallery Perpetuel (www.perpetuel.net), Start:7pm
10/02/10 COLOGNE - Live at the Carneval, Start: 7pm
12/02/10 AM 'S-HERTOGENBOSCH- ARTOTS Melkfabriek (www.artots.nl), Start: 8pm
15/02/10 AMSTERDAM - AWA Gallery (beehivegallery.wordpress.com), Start: 9pm
19/02/10 ROTTERDAM - Roodkapje (www.roodkapje.org), Start: 9pm
at ROT(T)TERDAM, Meent 119-133

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