13. September 2011

EXTENSION SERIES 11 at Grimmuseum


Johnny Amore & Irene Pascual


Skugga Guðlaugsdóttir & Marco Dorn

curated by Andrés Galeano

19 - 25 . 9. 2011- Residency

22.6., 19:30 Performances

23-25 - Documentation

25. 6., 18h. Lecture: STAND-IN FOR FLUXUS by Ann Noël

Grimmuseum, Fichtestr. 2, Berlin

Extension Series 11 invites two couples, Johnny Amore (DE) - Irene Pascual (ESP) and Skugga Guðlaugsdóttir (ISL) - Marco Dorn (DE , for developing a performance-installation based on collaboration.

The four Berlin based artists are usually working as a singular artist using different media like sculpture, photography, painting, installation and performance. They are challenged to work together as two artistic couples and join their creativity in a synergetic Installation and Performance. Extension Series 11 finishes with the lecture Stand-In for Fluxus by the artist Ann Noël. She is the widow of the Fluxus artist Emmett Williams and will reflect about her experiences mixing art and private life with her husband and other Fluxus artist.

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