13. April 2014

Memories of what we haven't done

The collaborative performance between me and Irene Pascual developed to a bigger collaboration in which we inverted the roles of the artist/audience, inviting the public to participate actively and be the protagonists of the work.
We arranged the space with a kind of installation of ideas, materials and tools that the public could use as media of expression. The tools we took were inspired in the works that we could see during the previous days of the festival or generic ones used recurrently in performance art.
We were aware that for many of the visitors it would be the first time to create a life action or performance; that it would be a great opportunity to enjoy a coming together of this diverse group of people (curators, students, friends, artists and art lovers), who during almost a week were gathering daily together enjoying all the activities of the RAVVY festival. 
We thought that would be the most happy of the ends.

Photos by Alexander Schuecke & Goethe Institute and Chriss Aghana Nwobu.

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