8. März 2012

The Second- Performance Festival Berlin


Friday, 09.03.12 / 7-11pm

Nikhil Chopra (IND)

Yovo Panchev (BUL)

Heinrich Obst & LL (BE)

Holger Dreissig (GER)

Jared Gradinger & Angela Schubot (USA/GER)

Saturday, 10.03.12 / 7-12pm

Alvaro Terrones (ESP)

Morgan Schagerberg (SWE)

Messianic Research Centre for Visual Ethics (FIN)

Nabi Nara (KR)

Dmitriego Paragullo (RU/ESP)

Ane Lan & Beata Kretovicova (NO)

GlogauAIR, Glogauer Str.16, 10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg
U-Bahn: Görlitzer Bhf / Schönleinstr. or Bus M29

The Second is the second Performance Art Festival that GlogauAIR is organizing in the frame of the ELAA (European Live Art Archive) in Berlin. Enduring the curatorial statement of the festival Home Sweet Home in 2010, our aim is to assemble the biggest range of possibilities that performance art can comprise, in order to question its boundaries and crossovers.

Performance art was established as an artistic genre in the sixties in two different backgrounds: in one hand by the avant-garde theatre and contemporary dance experiments; basing their research in non-representative and non-narrative language. On the other hand, in the postmodernist visual and conceptual art experiments searching a fusion between artistic languages such as literature, theatre, music, fine arts, architecture and theoretical approaches on politics and anthropological issues.

This bilateral origin has left strong traces in our contemporary practice and, in a moment in which performance has become popular and broad in galleries, museums and universities, there is still certain confusion in what performance art is and what is not.

In our selection for The Second we are inviting performance art projects that come from diverse practices and contexts as well as from different understanding. We would like to offer to the public a rich palette of possibilities; from works based on body transformation, site-specific or durational interventions, to works based on philosophical argumentations.

In the perplexity we aim to shake the public with fresh influence and inspiration, to open minds and encourage freethinking, interaction and creativity.

Curated by Johnny Amore & Irene Pascual

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