16. Dezember 2013

Tales of the Past #21 - Das Potentielle Album

For the 10 years anniversary, here and now the unforgettable 'Das Potentielle Album' with the fabulous Relle Büst (aka Parasyte Woman)! Relle and me found each other after I was performing my Street Poetry live. After my show she told me ones should throw tomatoes on me! Yes! 
We decided to collaborate and set my poetry to music. In her studio she began to play keyboard, me to sing. That's how this fresh album came out; I still like to hear it.

Thanks to Knarf Rellöm and DJ Pattex we started directly in the heaven of pop as opening act for Barbara Morgenstern in the Sue Ellen Bar in Zürich; sold out! We and the audience didn't know what to expect, but it began a great collaboration which floated amongst others to Kammerspiele, Harry Klein, Substanz, the Pratenrinsel,…and even on the Leopoldstraße in Munich. Our last gig until today was as part of the Long Love Night in the Villa Stuck Museum in 2008.

Thanks to Thomas Gilke who designed an amazing booklet and the great printing machines of Extrapool, we released our one and only CD in 2003.

Le Petit Pous-Pous made it on the sampler of the great Gutfeeling Label in Munich and was even part of the soundtrack of Hagen Keller's motion picture 'Meer Is Nich'.

Enjoy the Evergreen and simply… Klick!

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