16. Februar 2014

The Beehive Fireworks Festival

On saturday night the amazing soul and photographer Chen Po I invited us to visit the crazy Beehive Fireworks Festival in Yinshui. 
Before we left people told us to wear a motorcycle helmet, heavy clothing and cloves for not being injured. I have to admit I thought this might be a little bit too much of safety thoughts, but the moment I arrived there I understood: first- almost everybody did. Second-to keep the beauty it was deeply necessary.
A mysterious procession was walking around the village carrying god's and stopping in several places to initiate the enflamation of massive towers of fireworks and shout out an almost endless amount of bottle rockets rapidly in all kinds of directions!!! For the fortressed ones it probably felt like a bee hiting a tank, for the rest it meant: jump for not getting dumped.
This 200 years old tradition started following god's order to shot away an epidemic. So today it is still praticed and I won'tneed any pills anymore until next year....!

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