24. März 2014

The Calligraphic Machine / 書法機器

Inspired by the possibility that the temples in Tainan offer to ask direct questions or wishes to god, as well as with the tradition of Planchette-writing or spirit-writing, in which automatic writings serve to bridge communication between men and spirits, we created our calligraphic machine. 
The Machine uses a “Made in Taiwan” special device normally used in market places, hanging above sweets or fresh food products to get rid of the flies. 

How to use the Calligraphic Machine:

1- Prepare a white blank sheet of calligraphic paper
2- Suck the brush in black ink
3- The visitor asks for a wish or a question
4- The visitor presses the button to activate the calligraphic machine while being concentrate in the question
5- The answer will be created in the form of an abstract drawing
6- The visitor can take the drawing home and interpret it in calm




1 – 準備一張空白的書法紙。
2 – 讓筆刷吸滿墨水。
3 – 觀眾必須對著機器提出一個願望或問題。
4 – 請觀眾按下開關以啟動書法機器,同時專注於你所提出的問題。
5 – 答案將會出現在抽象的圖畫之中。
6 – 觀者可以將這張畫帶回家,並且沉靜地解讀畫中的意思。

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